10 tips for keeping your vehicle in top shape

  • Feb 22, 2017
  • Resources & Tips

It’s important to keep on top of vehicle maintenance to ensure the longest lifespan for your car, as well as staying safe on the roads.

Check the fluids

Regularly check your car’s oil, coolant, and transmission levels.

  • Neglecting oil level checks and fresh oil changes will only cause more costly damage to your vehicle down the road.
  • Check the oil level once a month and replace the oil filter regularly.
  • Check when transmission fluid and power steering fluid need to be replaced.

Heed warning signs

If your car’s dashboard lights illuminate, don’t ignore it. Delaying a repair could trigger irreparable damage to the car and result in a more expensive fix.

Manage tire pressure

Keeping your vehicle’s tire pressure in check is an easy way to improve gas mileage and ensure the wheels are aligned. When your tires are properly inflated, it’s also easier to sniff out a potential tire leak.

Body maintenance

Keeping your car washed, waxed, and free of dents and dings will better preserve the value of your car as well as prevent long-term issues such as rust.

Change your wiper blades

Make sure they are not damaged and in a good working condition, as driving without proper visibility is dangerous. If your blades are leaving streaks across your windshield, it’s time to change them.

Check the lights

This means indicator lights, hazard lights, and headlights. Replace burnt out bulbs immediately.

Check the battery

The key to keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently is a good battery connection. Just a few specks of crunchy white residue on the posts can keep your car from starting.

Brake pads

You’ll need to replace most brake pads around every 20,000 miles, but if you consistently do a lot of “stop-and-go” driving, you’ll need to replace them more frequently.

Radiator flush

Ignoring the screeching noises when you hit the brakes is not only dangerous but can also cause costly repairs if not treated. With normal wear and tear, your car’s radiator builds up deposits that can disrupt the cooling system. A radiator flush is a quick and inexpensive way to keep your system running smoothly.

A good expert

An honest, trustworthy expert auto technician will help make sure your car is kept in good working shape. Meet the team at Warrenton, who can handle all of your vehicle’s repair needs.