3 Ways To Prevent Your Car From Overheating

  • May 28, 2018
  • Resources & Tips

Beat the heat on those warm spring days by keeping your car cool, calm, and collected. We’ve shared three ways to prevent your car from overheating and you’ll be thanking us on the next hot, sunny day.

Keep it shady

Leaving your car in direct sunlight will not only turn your car into a sauna, it can cause sun damage to your interior. Opt for underground parkades where available or choose a shady parking spot under a tree. As the days get warmer, these prime spots may become limited. For days like these, get a sunshade to put on your windshield. These UV heat shields protect the interior from harmful rays and keep your seats cool to the touch. Tinted windows also help to mask some of the glare!

Get the air flowing

Air circulation is key! When hot air is trapped in your car, use the fresh air setting on your A/C instead of the recirculation. This will allow your car to push out the hot air and bring in cool, fresh air. Once that’s been running for about 10 minutes, make the switch it back to recirculation. Another way to keep cool is by venting your windows, or sunroof if you have one, while the A/C is blowing. You can also turn on the floor vents to push the hot air up and out! Under the hood, it is important to check that the radiator fan is working properly to keep the engine cool.

Watch the fluids

Your car runs on fluids and if those get low, it can cause your car to overheat. Be sure to check your coolant levels and top off if necessary. It is also recommended that you get your cooling system flushed every 40,000 miles. If you notice the oil temperature gauge on your dash start to go into the “red zone”, this could be an indication of your car overheating. The gauge should always be around the middle, so if it starts to drift into the red zone, pull over when safe and turn your car off to cool down.

Have any other ideas to keep your car cool this spring and summer? Let us know! Or, come by the shop and we’ll check your fluids!