4 Spring Car Tips

  • May 23, 2019
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Goodbye winter season, hello Spring! Here are 4 spring car tips to help you transition from seasons.

Change Your Tires
Driving with the wrong type of tires can affect fuel mileage. Winter tires are thicker and cause more friction, preventing from smooth driving conditions. Be sure to change your winter tires to all seasons.

Change Your Wiper Blades
If your wiper blades are torn or cracked, it will reduce visibility as it will not effectively clean your windshield. Be sure to inspect your wiper blades as the weather gets better, and change it if necessary.

Wash Your Car
As we drive, mud and dirt get sprayed onto our vehicles.
Going long periods of time without cleaning it off can cause the minerals to eat away at your car’s paint. 

Clean The Interior
Spring calls for spring cleaning, which includes your vehicle. Your car can collect dust, bacteria and dirt over time. If you are not regularly cleaning your car, it could make you sick, and make spring allergies worse. Be sure to clean your windshield as well, as hand marks and dust could be a hazard.