4 Warning Signs That Your Car Battery Is Getting Old

  • Feb 5, 2020
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The cold winter weather is tough on everyone – especially old car batteries. Checking on the condition of your car battery and acknowledging the warning signs of an old battery is an important part of owning a car. A typical car battery is expected to last about three years. Several indicators can help you know when your car battery is getting old. Avoid getting stuck in the cold with a dead car battery and make sure to check it regularly.

  1. Check Engine Light
    If your check engine light suddenly comes on there is probably a good reason behind it. The check engine light can signal a lot of different things, but it could be your car trying to tell you that the battery needs to be replaced. If the engine light comes on, we recommend that you take your vehicle in and get it tested by a professional to see if it is operating at full charge. 
  2. Slow Engine & Dim Lights
    If your vehicle is getting off to a slower than average start – it could be time to change your battery. Cold weather makes it hard for batteries to generate power, which can result in dim lights and a slow starting engine. If the battery is already running low, the cold could zap the strength from the charge. If your start is slow and the lights are dim, it would be good to take your vehicle in to get checked.
  3. Corroded Terminals
    Have you noticed an ashy white substance on parts of your car battery? This unwanted substance is the result of corrosion, caused by an aging battery. When car batteries age, hydrogen gas can be released from the acid in the battery, causing corrosion. This build-up can limit the connection of the charge within the battery. Ask our experts how you can fix this and keep your cables corrosion free!
  4. Bad Smell
    When car batteries get older, the elements that are used to build them begin to evaporate. Car batteries contain sulfuric acid and water, which produce a terrible rotten egg odor when mixed in a hot engine. If the smell becomes noticeable – there is a good chance that your car battery is overdue for a change. Take it in right away!

Don’t get caught out in the cold this winter – stay prepared by checking on the condition of your car battery. If you have a question and want an expert’s opinion, give us a call at (540) 347-7978.