4 Ways To Be An “Eco-Friendly” Driver

  • Apr 4, 2018
  • Resources & Tips

While electric cars are best for the environment, it’s not realistic to expect everyone to drive them just yet. That’s why we’ve shared 4 ways you can reduce your carbon footprint without trading in your gas car:

Proper Maintenance and Regular Service

Keeping up-to-date with your car services can actually improve your gas mileage efficiency. Proper tire pressure, topped up oil levels, and a clean air filter can reduce fuel consumption and allow your tank to last longer! It’s best to refer to your owner’s manual or come in for a checkup to know when your car is due for maintenance services.

Cruise, Don’t Idle

That trusty cruise control button does more than give your pedal a break on the highway; it also decreases your gas usage. Reving the RPMs, or as people say “driving with a lead foot”, can guzzle fuel faster than maintaining a constant speed. Another tip is to turn off your car instead of idling. Whether you’re stopped at a train track or in line at a drive-through, cutting the engine will conserve gas.

Less Weight = Less Waste

Here’s a life hack for you: remove all unnecessary weight from the trunk of the car or roof racks to eliminate drag. Those golf clubs in the back or bikes on the rack add weight to the vehicle which leads to decreased fuel efficiency. So if they’re not needed, leave them at home!

Save Gas, Ride Together

Whether you’re driving to work or heading on a road trip, carpooling is always a money saver! Not only do you take one or two cars off the road, but you also get the perks of using the carpool lane. Save money by using less gas and avoid the traffic of single commuters? Get in; we’re going places!

Have any other eco-friendly driving tips? Let us know! For all car maintenance services or if you have any questions about eco-friendly driving, contact us today.