5 Tips for Driving at Night

  • Mar 2, 2020
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Driving at night can be dangerous for many different reasons. If you’re too tired or the weather is bad, take extra care while driving. Night driving is statistically more dangerous than during the day. There are several precautions you can take to make sure your nightly commute is a safe one. Stay alert and follow these 5 tips to ensure a safe drive to your destination.

  1. Aim Your Headlights
    Car headlights can be uneven or pointed lower than necessary. If your lights are aimed too high, they will blind oncoming traffic. Make the effort to aim them correctly using your car manual. Don’t forget to clean the grime off of your lights to ensure they are bright and light up the road.

  2. Keep lights inside the vehicle dim
    Keep your night vision at it’s best by dimming all interior vehicle lights. Do not turn on any extra light and avoid staring directly into the headlights of oncoming cars. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness.

  3. Watch the Road for Animals
    There are many types of animals that roam the streets at night. Keep an eye out for them by looking for movement or the reflection off of their eyes. Drive slow and stay alert, keeping your eyes on the road.

  4. Don’t Drive When Tired
    Dozing off while driving is dangerous for everyone on the road. If you are tired, do not drive. Your reflexes are much slower when you’re tired.  Take a rest and drive when it is safe to do so. Stay safe and do not drive if you are feeling sleepy.

  5. Clean and Adjust Your Exterior Mirrors
    Mirrors, like windows, need to be kept clean. Having polished mirrors will improve your visibility when driving at night. Clean off dirt and wipe them down regularly to keep your night drive a safe one.