5 Tips for Driving in the Snow

  • Jan 8, 2020
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5 tips for driving in the snow

No one likes driving in the snow, but sometimes it is inevitable. Stay safe this winter with these 5 expert tips on what to do if you get caught driving in the snow this winter.

  1. Have Proper Winter Tires:
    Proper winter tires make all the difference when driving in snowy conditions. Ice often freezes underneath the snow, which is difficult to detect while driving. Winter tires will help grip ice and keep your vehicle from sliding around on the road.
  2. Keep It Slow
    It’s important that drive slow when out in the snow. Whether you are accelerating, decelerating, or keeping steady, lower speeds will allow your tires to grip the ground below. Stepping on the gas or slamming on your break will only cause your wheels to spin and slide. Keep it slow and give yourself extra time to reach your destination.
  3. Do Not Stop On Hills
    Getting stuck on a snowy hill is dangerous for both you and the drivers around you. If you must go up a hill – keep a slow and steady pace. Your vehicle will get you there if you have the proper tires. Trying to drive faster will cause wheels to spin, but a steady pace from the base of the hill will get you moving up.
  4. Keep In Control Of Steering
    Avoid any quick movements of the steering wheels or tires when you are driving in the snow. Know how to identify if you are oversteering or understeering, and how to correct it. If your car is skidding on the ice, gently steer into the skid and put the car into neutral so that it is not driving forward. Once you regain control, reassess and straighten out your vehicle.
  5. Stay Home
    Winter driving is not safe. You should only go out on the snowy roads if it is an absolute emergency. Even if you are an experienced driver, it is better to stay home than brave the dangerous road conditions.