All the Gas Saving Tips You Need

  • Oct 6, 2016
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Have those endless summer drives caught up with your bank account now that summer is over? The reality is that gas prices aren’t getting any cheaper, and the list of across town errands never seems to end. We’ve put together all the gas saving tips you will need to save more at the pump and get more out of each tank.

Gas Saving Tip #1: Lose extra weight you don’t need

Clean out left-behind items stowed in your vehicle, and remove the bike or ski rack that you aren’t using. These items are literally weighing down your car and hindering your potential mileage.

Gas Saving Tip #2: Avoid bumper to bumper traffic

It’s no fun, you’re not getting anywhere, and you’re wasting gas. So if you can avoid traffic and traveling during rush hour, do it. Kill time before getting on the road by bringing a book or magazine to read, and look into alternate routes.

Gas Saving Tip #3: Close your windows for better mileage

Debates and testing have been done by many people, but there is weight to the argument that if you roll up those windows, you keep your car more aerodynamic and allow for better milage.

Gas Saving Tip #4: Map out your route beforehand

Strategically list all the places on your errand list and stick to it, hitting them all in one fell swoop. Not only does it save you time, but it will help your gas bill because you won’t have to backtrack or go out again in two days to go to a place you missed because you forgot or got tired of driving around.

Gas Saving Tip #5: Don’t continuously top up your gas

It doesn’t save money if you have to go out more often to top up.

Gas Saving Tip #6: Fill up at about a quarter tank

This way you have time to shop around for the best prices, or use an app to find out all your local gas prices and then fill your tank completely.

Gas Saving Tip #7: Check your tire pressure regularly

When your tires aren’t inflated properly your car isn’t running as smoothly as it should, which uses more fuel and costs you in the long run.

Gas Saving Tip #8: Avoid drive-thru’s and other unnecessary idling

Idling for no reason is fuel waste. When you can, turn off your engine if you know you are going to have to wait a bit.

Gas Saving Tip #9: Accelerate smoothly and drive at a constant rate

Staying at a constant speed allows you get optimal use out of your gas, so be aware that the constant erratic stop-and-go method isn’t getting you the most bang for your buck in terms of gas. Use cruise control, or drive patiently leaving space so that you can decelerate by slightly adjusting the gas, rather than braking.

Gas Saving Tip #10: Turn off the A/C

It’s nice to stay cool, but leaving on the A/C at all times isn’t necessary. When you’re driving in the city and at slower speeds, sacrifice aerodynamics and open a window.

Gas Saving Tip #11: Make sure your gas cap is in good shape

When gas caps are damaged, loose, or missing, you are losing out on efficiency.

Gas Saving Tip #12: Keep your vehicle in check

Stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance, and replace the following as needed: dirty air filters, worn or inoperative oxygen sensors, and spark plugs. Keeping these items up to date will help your car run more efficiently.

If you need help maintaining your vehicle so it runs at its optimal efficiency feel free to come by Warrenton Auto Service. We will help you get the best mileage you can by eliminating mechanical issues that use up gas.

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