Are You Prepared for Problems? Rural Road Side Safety

  • Sep 14, 2020
  • Resources & Tips

When you’re going on a road trip you always need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. Driving in remote locations can bring with it unique challenges; cell service, regular traffic, and access to other people isn’t always guaranteed. We want to make sure you’re prepared for anything at any time, so here are some suggested items to keep with you at all times, especially if you’re driving rural roads.


1. Jumper Cables/ Battery Charger

Having jumper cables is always a good idea. Getting stuck with a dead battery is never fun, but you can get yourself home if you’ve got a pair of these in your trunk as long as you can find someone to help you out. If you’re planning on going somewhere really remote, or you’re not comfortable waiting for a good samaritan to pass by, then investing in a portable car battery charger just might get you out of a big jam one day. Car batteries die, so get them checked when you take your car in for an oil change, and stay on top of replacing it regularly. But if you do have your battery die on you, make sure you have some way to get yourself on the road again. 


2. Emergency Supplies

It’s always important to be prepared for long periods of time when you’re traveling back roads. If something happens where you can’t get back to civilization, then you need to bring everything you require to survive for a few days. This is especially true if you’re traveling in extreme temperatures, hot or cold. Make sure you pack extra food and water, more than just that bag of potato chips you were using as a road snack. Packing a blanket or extra clothes is also a good idea, especially for traveling in the winter. An emergency kit with first aid equipment, flares, and reflective cones is an absolute must-have, and you will find you use it even to fix a scraped knee or a bad bug bite, they are always a useful tool to have on hand. You hope you won’t need your extra safety precautions but you will be glad you have it if you do ever need to handle an emergency situation.


3. Spare Tire

Rural roads aren’t always looked after very well. There can be unexpected potholes or obstructions on the road that can damage your vehicle. While many cars come with a spare tire and everything you need to replace it, you should double-check that your car does have this feature, and get a spare if it doesn’t have it already. If you don’t feel comfortable changing a tire, now is the time to learn, with all the right equipment anyone can do it, and it’s an important skill to have. 


If you’re heading on a long trip, and think you might end up somewhere where help may not be coming for a while, make sure you have these items with you and ready to go. All of these should be in your car in some capacity but check before you go on a trip, and make sure you have everything you need. We want everyone to be safe on the roads this year, so have fun and be prepared!

If you want to give your car a maintenance check before a big trip come in to see the experts at Warrenton Auto, we’d be happy to make sure your car is in good condition for all your plans