Deep Cleaning your Interior

  • May 1, 2020
  • Resources & Tips


As we’re all staying home during these unprecedented times, we have the time to spend on deep cleaning our homes and cars. Why is this important? A lot of people don’t realize how dirt, dust, bacteria and debris can cause them to have allergies and irritations. Deep cleaning will eliminate these factors, and allow you to have a cleaner home and car. While we typically deep clean our home regularly, when was the last time you deep cleaned the interior of your car? Here are 4 tips to help you:


  1. Use a microfiber cloth
    When wiping leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces such as your dashboard it’s important to use a microfiber cloth as it will leave no lint, dust or marks! A microfiber cloth can also be used to wipe down your doors, car, handles, interior glass, rearview mirrors and windows.

  2. Use a paint or foam brush for dust
    When dusting your vehicle, it’s important to remember to clean the smaller areas such as the AC vents, the buttons, and the seat rims. Why? Dust can cause irritations to you and others, plus – you can see every little speck of dust when the sun is shining. To clean the AC vents it’s easier to use a small paintbrush or foam brush to simply insert into the vent, and clean. Don’t forget to use a vacuum for overall cleaning!

  3. Take out car mats
    When deep cleaning your car, it’s important you remove any car mats you may have to vacuum, spray and deep clean them! Giving them air will also help to reduce any smells, germs, dust, and bacteria that are lingering around.

  4. Vacuum EVERYTHING
    The most important part of deep cleaning your interior is vacuuming everything and anything! That includes seats, floor mats, the floor, and dashboards. When vacuuming the seats we recommend spraying a cleaner on there first, wiping away any stains and then vacuuming. When vacuuming the floor, don’t forget to slide the seat up and down to get the hidden areas, as these usually collect the most dust and garbage. Lastly, don’t forget about surfaces! Before wiping surfaces with a microfiber cloth, we recommend vacuuming it reduces the majority of the dust and dirt.

  5. Don’t forget about high-touch areas
    When cleaning your car, it’s easy to think about the obvious areas to clean such as carpets and the seats. Something that often gets overlooked, but is crucial to clean, are high-touch areas of the car. These include door handles (both inside and outside), the steering wheel, seat belts, and the shift gear. Use a disinfecting spray and a microfiber cloth to clean these areas, especially during times like these. Germs and bacteria often live on surfaces and can spread easily, if you’re not careful. 

Deep cleaning your car is important and fun! The last thing you want is to drive a first car filled with dirt, dust, bacteria and other debris that can leave you and others feeling sick and irritated. Especially with seasonal allergies, regularly cleaning your car will reduce the amount of irritation you may have. Lastly, deep cleaning your car will also help you discover any issues or damages you may have. Need help? Contact our team of experts today for all your car needs!