How to Care for Your Car During a Pandemic

  • Aug 14, 2020
  • Resources & Tips

Taking your car out for a drive, even if you have nowhere to go, is important for maintenance. Letting your car sit in your driveway untouched for months on end is a recipe for issues. When a car doesn’t move, especially an older model, parts can seize up and cause issues when you need to get somewhere. A regular drive keeps moving components lubricated and functioning properly. So if you need an excuse to hit the road and explore the countryside, or head into town for your favorite drive-thru burger, this is it.

A car that hasn’t been driven for months also means a battery that hasn’t been charged for months. Batteries lose their charge over time, which when recharged regularly is not a big issue. But when your car doesn’t move for months on end, the next time you hop in to go somewhere you just might have to give it a jump first. To keep this from happening to you, take your car out a few times a month and get that battery charged up.

A sitting vehicle is also a great home for rodents and wasps. The insulation under the hood makes a great home for many little critters, even if they have to chew through some of the wirings to get to it. So if you’re driving your car for the first time in a while take a peek under the hood, and check for pests. Moving your vehicle regularly will discourage critters from setting up their home inside your car. 

The best way to drive your vehicle for maintenance is to hit the road once a week for 20-30 minutes. You don’t have to drive hard and fast, just at moderate speed and through a few stop and go points. This is enough to warm the engine up and get the moving components in your car lubricated and functioning properly. When you take your car out for its weekly drive it’s the perfect time to check it over and ensure everything is functioning properly.  Before you hop in check your tire pressure, lights, windows, and locks. When driving around your car should sound normal and not have any shaking or rattling. If you notice an issue with your car, get in touch with your mechanic and inform them of this issue, and discuss getting it into the shop.

Getting your vehicle on the road is important, and will save you time and effort in the long run. A half-hour drive can also be good for your mental health. If you’ve been cooped up in the house due to a pandemic, taking your car for a drive is a great way to see the world again and keep those blue days at bay. 

If you do find out a rat chewed through your wiring next time you hop in your vehicle, contact Warrington Auto and get a quote.