How to Handle Halloween Vandalism

  • Oct 8, 2020
  • Resources & Tips

Autumn has officially arrived and with that comes Halloween! We love the pumpkin spice everything and cozy days driving through the autumn leaves, but let’s be honest, the highlight of October is Halloween. This holiday is famous for 2 things, tricks and treats! So if you’re at all concerned about those tricks kids like to play we’ve got a few tips for you that might help if your car becomes a target.

  1. On Halloween and leading up to it, be careful where you park your car. If you have the option to park your car in a garage make sure you do it, keeping a vehicle out of sight and hard to reach is the best thing you can do to avoid vandals. If you can’t park your car inside find a well lit location. Keep the outside lights on your house on, or park under a street lamp if you can. People looking to target a vehicle won’t want to be seen, so make sure your car is well lit. An additional precautionary measure is to make sure your alarm is on, many new cars are sensitive enough to sound an alarm if it senses someone is messing with the vehicle. 
  2. Make sure to check on your car first thing in the morning. If your car does get egged, TP’d or covered in Silly String, catching it early will make it much easier to clean off. For most messes a hose and a bucket of soapy water with a sponge is sufficient to clean off the mess. If you find things sticking to your car, try a solvent like WD-40 to help remove a mess, or for more difficult situations don’t hesitate to contact your local repair shop for advice on safely removing stuck on material. 
  3. Make sure your car isn’t a target. Yes, we know you and your buddy have been waiting all year to whip out your Starsky and Hutch costume and take your old Gran Torino out for the night, but you should probably leave the car behind. Fancy cars are more of a target, so if you have plans to go out, this is not the night to take your nicest car out. And whatever car you take, make sure it’s clean and there are no valuables left inside. If you leave a couple bucks on the seat, your car immediately becomes a higher risk for vandalism and theft.
  4. And finally, the best way to avoid any Halloween shenanigans is to make sure you’re giving out the best candy on the block! If you’re unsure of what that would be, I’d start with the full size candy bars, no one wants to bother the people that give out the full sized candy bars.

Stay safe this Halloween, and have fun! We hope everyone is able to get their party on and enjoy some fun and good-humored tricks and treats this year! If your car does get damaged this Halloween get in touch, we’re always here to help.