Driveway Accident – Sports Car Collision Repair

  • Aug 25, 2015

What was the situation?

Aw, Dad!

It’s hard to believe, but even the best fathers in the world are capable of making mistakes. Nobody’s perfect.

What was perfect was the condition of our customer’s 2013 Subaru BRZ Premium; that is, until dad inadvertently backed into it on the driveway. Accidents do happen and they are always a drag; especially when the resulting damage alters the sleek appearance of your ice-silver-metallic sports car.

We’ve seen our fair share of driveway accidents throughout the years. Fortunately, your friends at Warrenton Auto Services are very good at repairing these mishaps. You could say that collision repair is one of our specialities.

car damage happens and is the leading need for automobile repairs in warrenton

Even low speed collisions are capable of causing major damage. Our certified technicians are sticklers when it comes to the collision repair inspection process. Their thorough assessments have been trusted by customers and insurance companies alike for over 40 years.

With the initial surface inspection complete, we began a partial disassembly of the Subaru’s unibody construction. This particular job necessitated the removal of the front and back bumpers, the driver’s side door and rear side window.

Another auto repair in Warrenton VA

With every scratch and dent accounted for, and the correct parts all replaced, we began painstakingly cleaning the car’s exterior. Painting is preparation. Every speck of dust, dirt and grease had to be eliminated from the frame prior to visiting the paint booth. We scuffed, sanded and rinsed all the components in order to provide the optimum conditions for paint adhesion, ensuring the most uniform paint application possible.

The final prep phase for automobile repairs in warrenton

A man does an amazing paint job as part of a warrenton automobile repair

What was the result?

Meticulous masking, multiple layers of paint and a clear coat later, we baked the Subaru’s finish to perfection. It took our team eight days to restore the Subaru to its prior glory. The MRZ rolled off the lot dent-free and with a renewed showroom shine.

Car gets a wash following a successful automobile repair in Warrenton

When it comes to auto body repair, there’s a difference between making it better and getting it perfect; we prefer the latter way of doing things. Our customers tend to agree. If you have any questions about a pending insurance claim, or that nagging dent in your vehicle’s door, don’t be shy. We would love to hear from you!

A collision repaired car in the Warrenton parking lot