Watch out for wildlife! Our latest collision repair

  • Jun 18, 2015

What was the situation?

Accidents always occur when you least expect it. If you live in Fauquier County, you are no doubt aware of the ever-present danger posed by our surrounding wildlife. When drivers are confronted with animals bounding into their path, there is rarely enough time to react.

Damaged car in need of a Warrenton VA based collision repair shop

Damage on a car before being repaired in Warrenton

When Mathew’s Ford Expedition swerved to miss an oncoming deer, his vehicle struck a nearby fence. Needless to say, it wasn’t a good scene, but it could have been far worse. Nobody was hurt and the deer survived unscathed; however, the truck wasn’t as lucky. Having dealt with Warrenton Auto Services in the past, Mathew knew immediately where to have his vehicle towed. All jobs begin with a thorough appraisal. Our auto body shop has seen it all, but that doesn’t make the work any less challenging. In this case, the damage was significant. The front of the vehicle, that bore the brunt of the damage, required obvious repairs to the fender, headlamps and hood. Even the iconic Ford emblem got badly scuffed up. In addition to the front end work, our team discovered additional damage along the quarter panel, running across the truck’s side. Under the hood we noted a damaged sight shield and a bent upper tie bar. With our job clearly identified, and the go-ahead in place, we began tearing down the front of the vehicle.

Tear down of a car mid-repair in warrenton

What was the result?

Collisions like this can take a toll on the people involved, especially in the days and weeks following. Any collision can be a stressful event. As a busy business owner, Mathew didn’t have time to waste in getting his truck back, and in good repair. We helped him out by handling the back-and-forth interactions with his insurance company. With over $5,000 in damage, it took our team approximately two weeks to finish the work. When Mathew arrived to pick up his truck, we’re proud to report, it was like the accident never happened. Impeccable work and customer satisfaction is what we strive for with every vehicle that rolls into the shop.

Another white car that was repaired in Warrenton VA

“I was very satisfied with the repair. Warrenton had my full confidence. They did an awesome job!” – Mathew