Road Trip Check-List

  • Jun 20, 2018
  • Resources & Tips

Hitting the road this summer for a road trip? We have compiled a list of things to check before you go.

Infographic Road Trip Check-List includes GPS, Gas, Spare Tire, Music & Games, Comfy Clothes, Snacks, Shades, and Emergency Kit

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1) GPS

The first, and probably most important thing you should do before you start your road trip is plan your route. Even if you are familiar with the roads, it is a good idea to keep a GPS on hand in case of detours or closures. It’s also a quick way to find a pit stop.

2) GAS

This is a pretty obvious one, but still worth noting. Sometimes on road trips, there are long drags without access to a gas station. Remember to check your gauge before you hit the highway.


Highway driving combined with rough side streets can wear down your tires. You never know when you might blog a tire so it is good to keep a spare in your trunk along with a jack and wrench.


What’s a road trip without a sing-along soundtrack and some games to pass the time? Load up on those mixtapes or create a playlist with all your favourite songs. Some road trip games include iSpy, 20 questions, or the alphabet game!


No one wants to be uncomfortable while trapped in a car for hours on end. Put on your sweatpants or even you PJs and get cozy. Blankets and pillows are also encouraged.


Road trip snacks are a MUST! You’re bound to get the munches while cruising down the highway. Trail mix, granola bars, candy, and fruit are our go-tos. Also, don’t forget to pack lots of water!


Road trips can start in the early dawn and go straight through dusk so it’s important to prepare for the changing sun. Pack your sunglasses because even if it’s not sunny where you start, it could come out down the road.


Things like a first aid kit, toilet paper, medications, a seatbelt cutter, shovel, and tire repair kit are all things that are handy in an emergency. As the saying goes, “prepare for the worst, but expect the best!”


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