Spring Cleaning? 4 DIY Tips That will Have your Car Looking Spotless

  • Apr 2, 2020
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Spring cleaning is a time to scrub, sweep, and wash away the winter blues for another year. And if you’re reading this post, it most likely means you really care about your car and have already added “clean car” to your spring cleaning to-do list. We applaud you, you’re our kind of people! A gift from us to you, these 4 spring cleaning DIY tips will ensure your car is looking like new and ready for those summer road trips ahead.  

1. Wash your car with the two-bucket method
Using a single bucket implies putting your rag into dirty water and then using dirty soap water to wash your car. Slowly, the dirt particles will scratch the paint surface and this is definitely not what we want. Two buckets are always better than one in this case! You’ll want to use one bucket that contains the soap and water mixture and another bucket that is solely for rinsing your mitt. We recommend labeling your buckets ‘rinse’ and ‘wash’ and you’ll be good to go! 

2.  Invest in the right products
You want to make sure the cleaning products you are using are designed for automobiles. Household cleaners do a great job in the kitchen but not so great on your car’s exterior and interior.
For interior cleaning, there are a lot of finishing products on the market so it can be tricky when deciding which one to choose. We recommend avoiding oil-based finishing products as they can leave a greasy residue that will attract dust and dirt. For cleaning and removing stains on the top, seats, and carpets of your car’s interior, use a gentle foam-based fabric or carpet cleaner.
For exterior cleaning, a ratio of ¼ cup of soap and one gallon of hot water is ideal. Make sure to check the soap has a base of vegetable oil.

3. Get creative with hard to reach places
With small crevasses like drink holders, between your seats, and vents, it’s hard to clean out crumbs and dirt using a vacuum or towel. We always trust our handy small air compressor to reach tight spaces. A small compressor, similar to the one you would use to clean your computer’s keyboard, will have these areas in your car looking like new! If you don’t have a compressor, a toothbrush will do the trick too. They’re perfect for digging crumbs up from cup holders and other small places.

4. Check when to see a pro
If you’re noticing your car has quite a few scratches or needing an extra shine, now is a good time to take it to the cleaning pros. Professional paint protection products and a professional power polish will eliminate the need for waxing for many years to come.

There are few things that are as satisfying as a perfectly clean car. Happy spring cleaning from your friends at Warrenton Auto!