Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Car

  • Mar 19, 2018
  • Resources & Tips

Spring is here and that means so is cleaning season! As you prepare to declutter your kitchen, purge your closet, and empty your fridge, there’s one thing you need to be sure to add to the list – your car! We created a handy checklist to ensure you cover all the bases when it comes to spring cleaning your car.

Change out your winter tires

As the weather starts to get warmer, it is important to swap out your winter tires. Heat and humidity can damage the rubber on snow tires and therefore be dangerous to drive with. For the warmer months, we recommend you use all season tires!

Wash and wax the exterior

After driving all winter, there’s no doubt that your car will have some salt, dirt, and grime built up. Now that the roads are clear, you should take your car for a thorough wash. Before you do, be sure to lift the hood and do a quick sweep out of leaves and debris. When choosing your carwash, opt for the wax finish to seal the paint, repel water, and add shine.

Clean sweep the interior

Similar to the outside of your car, the winter months can take a toll on the interior of your car too. Salt and dirt often get embedded in the floors and can ruin the carpet. Scrub the carpets with a heavy duty car shampoo and give the floor mats a good rinse. Wipe the dust off of the dashboard, clean out any garbage and finish it all with a new air freshener!

Bring in it for service

Last but not least, it is important to bring your car in for a service this spring. Winter is hard on your vehicle so it’s best to make sure everything is working to its full potential this season. A spring service will check your wiper blades, brakes and belts, oil levels, A/C, lights, and more! This will ensure you are safe and your car is running smoothly into the sunny weather.

If you need help with any of these tips, you know where to find us! We look forward to helping you spring clean your car to get you ready for the upcoming season.