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  • Jan 15, 2016
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We’ve been serving Virginia drivers for 50 years, and during those years we’ve spent a lot of time focused on getting things right. Some of these things are pretty straight-forward, and others may seem a little counter-intuitive, but they’re all a part of the Warrenton Auto Service difference. At the end of the day, it all comes down to being able to take better care of you and your vehicle.

Salary, not Commission

This is right at the top with good reason.

Commission shops pay their specialists on a metric that usually boils down to “get X many cars done, make $Y”. That seems to make sense, and you’d think that it would incentivize workers to be quick with your vehicle. The problem is that, like trickle-down economics, it doesn’t work – it’s not taking care of your team.

Most companies pay their employees every two weeks. If you work in a commission shop and you have a slow first two weeks of the month, you could end up making very little. Then you come to depend on the latter half of the month being busy enough to make up the difference, where you could work sixteen to eighteen hour days, if the work is even there. Everyone has bills to pay, and everyone has family and friends they need to spend time with. It’s critical to a healthy work environment and work-life balance.

We pay our specialists salary because it gives them the freedom to meet their commitments. Being on a salary gives our team the peace of mind of knowing that their families have the stability they need, so they can come to work and focus on what they’re doing. Our team members, like Eric in the bodyshop or Billy, our Service Manager, are able to give their best because making ends meet isn’t weighing on their minds.

We’re a Family

We’re not being trite when we say that we’re a family. Each morning starts with a team huddle where we come together and take turns planning out the day, what we have on our plates, and what needs to get done. We spend a few minutes going around the team to thank each other for the help we were given the day before – like Thanksgiving without the turkey. Whether it was advice from a teammate with more experience, or help moving a part into place, we acknowledge each other’s contributions every single day. This makes for a friendly, work-focused environment where everyone learns and everyone has your best interests at heart.

Professional, Certified Experience

If you added up all our years of experience, you’d be looking at centuries. We’ve seen it, done it, and have the certifications to show for it. This isn’t just tooting our own horn; being I-CAR certified means that we’re on many insurance agencies’ Direct Repair List as a recommended local repair center. We have state of the art equipment, which you can’t get the certification without. Our resistance welder makes body panels look like they came straight from the factory (protecting the resale value of your car or truck) and our bi-directional computers can reprogram and reset your vehicle’s onboard computer (we can do engine upgrades and corrections you’d otherwise have to visit a dealership to receive). We go the extra mile to make sure we know what’s wrong and how to fix it – and we strive for preventative maintenance so that your vehicle is less likely to break down.

Being an independent shop means you get personal service; you’re not a number. We give personal attention to concerns and operate a shuttle service for when your repairs get in the way of getting places. We have an end-to-end process dedicated to taking cars apart, repairs, paint, and reassembly – with attention and care – that streamlines the process for faster repairs. You get a better quality repair, with a better final finish, and you won’t wait longer than is necessary to get it. Every vehicle gets a multi-point courtesy check, a 31 point work over and our uniformed, friendly staff give customer service second-to-none.

We’re Local

We work and live in the community, and we’re dedicated to giving Warrenton our best. This is our community too, and you’re our friends and neighbors. We stay active, giving back to our community: fundraisers for Leukaemia, yard sales for local churches, customer appreciation days, and at Christmas we do the Angel Trees and food drives. We live here, too.

We also source parts and materials locally whenever possible, working with the team at the local Auto Plus to make sure we get the parts for your repair as quickly as possible. Their team operates a lot like ours, and they’re a great resource when something is not in stock or hard to find. We only go out of town, or out of state, when the parts aren’t locally available. This means that your repairs are less likely to be held up waiting on a part to come in, and when we need to follow-up we know the people we’re talking to on the phone personally.

That’s service that matters.


Get to know us

If you’re new to the community, or have never been down, come by and say hello. Get to know the Warrenton Auto Service team, and if you need help or an estimate, give us a call. We can help you out.


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