Texting and Driving

  • May 8, 2016
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Did you know?

Texting is illegal for all drivers in Virginia, regardless of age or license class held. Texting and driving accounts for a significant number of road fatalities each year, and these deaths are 100% avoidable.

Further, drivers younger than 18 years of age are prohibited from driving with a cell phone on their person. If you have a cell phone, are under 18, and are caught driving with it on your person – meaning in a pocket, on your lap, or within arm’s reach – you are breaking the law.

The risk of texting and driving and even being on a cell phone while driving is so high, private and municipal bus drivers and school bus drivers are prohibited from driving with cell phones. This is not just about protecting the passengers, it’s also about protecting the other drivers on the road.

To help illustrate the danger of texting and driving, we turned to the informative site Texting And Driving Safety for the following infographic.


Get home safe – don’t text and drive!

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