Why It’s Important to Change Your Oil

  • Mar 15, 2019
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Most, if not all of us have heard that you should change your oil every three months or 3,000 miles. Whether you follow this recommendation or not, it’s still important to change your oil in a timely manner. Here are 5 important reasons to have your oil changed.

Top five reasons why changing car oil regularly is so important


Prevents Wear And Tear Of Your Engine

Oil helps prevent engine wear and tear by providing a layer of protection and lubrication. The layer of protection reduces the amount of friction caused by the moving parts.

Removes Sludge And Debris

Over time, debris and dirt can accumulate in your oil causing severe corrosion to your engine. Additionally, oil will break down over time, causing it to turn into sludge, effectively removing the benefits it provided to your engine in the first place.

Keeps Your Engine From Overheating

Due to its lubricating properties, engine oil effectively reduces the friction from the moving parts of the engine. Friction generates heat and thus the less friction in the engine the less heat produced. Oil is essential in keeping your engine from overheating.

Increases Your Gas Mileage

The more friction in your engine the harder it will have to work to compensate. This extra work amounts to an increase in fuel consumption, costing you more money at the fuel pump.

Extends The Life Of Your Vehicle

Proper oil maintenance will result in reduced damage to the engine effectively increasing the lifespan of your vehicle. That small cost you pay to change your oil could help prevent that massive bill from repairing or replacing your vehicle.

If your vehicle is due for an oil change, contact us today!

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